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What are the charges to avail loyalty card?

Each card costs only 300 Rs/first time only.

Do you charge anything for discussing the reports with the consultant?

No , we do not charge anything .

How can we get doctor’s appointment?

You can call our UAN number 042-123-456

If I am a patient, can I contact your pathologist/doctors to discuss my reportsFAQ

YES, you can but you have to first book your appointment on 03- 321-555-333

How soon can you send someone to collect a sample?

It depends on the phlebotomist availability but lab would confirm time after your call.

Does BiocareLab offer “Home Sample” facility all over Pakistan?

No, we are offering only in Lahore.

What is the validity of loyalty card?

It would be valid for 1 year from date of issuance.

What are the timing of radiology?

Its from 8:00am -12:00am

Does Biocare Lab provides radiology facility all over Pakistan?

No but yes we are providing radiology Telereporting all over Pakistan.

Do you have doctors available who can discuss reports with patients to guide them for further treatment options?

No, we don’t have, you have to discuss with your Consultant / Doctor personally.