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This part is totally equipped with the modern state of the art technology. Study of biochemical components and reactions in the body for preventing, diagnosing and managing of the disease are catered in this section. Diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, lipid profile, liver function tests, cystic fibrosis, and meningitis can be diagnosed by the examination of body fluids including blood, urine and CSF. Our specially designed department provide a thorough collaborative and vertical linked team of medical and scientific expertise with an experienced team of professionals including medical technologists, scientists, clinicians, laboratory, technical assistance and Phlebotomists.

The microbiology department of Biocare Lab and Research Centre provides complete clinical services including diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases. Several techniques like microscopy, isolation, detection of antimicrobial selectivity testing are exercised, searching for the presence of potentially pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Antimicrobial susceptibility tests are executed on isolates to identify the most appropriate antibiotic for treating an infection. The laboratory is completely equipped with automated systems for blood culture and mycobacterium culture. Bacterial determination and antimicrobial susceptibility are also carried out by internationally accepted systems shortening the turnaround time for reporting. Quality control and quality assurance are absolutely preference in the lab.